It is very simple. Choose a computer from our offer and order it comfortably on our online shop. But be careful! The order is only valid for 5 days, as the prices of the computers change quickly.
You can choose one of our proposed miners with 6 or 8 graphics cards or compose a miner entirely according to your wishes. You can find our range of miners here.
In addition to the purchase of the computer itself, we must also consider the costs of electricity consumption and the payment of 12% of the monthly cryptocurrencies’ extraction.
Usually 2 to 3 days after signing the maintenance and storage contract.
Cryptocurrencies are transferred onto your personal account or on your digital e-wallet. If you want to open an account, click on this link.
It depends on the type of cryptocurrency your computer is mining. In the case it is mining Ethereum, the transfer takes place at least once a week or each time the value of the mined cryptocurrencies reaches one Ethereum.
We accept USD, EUR, Bitcoin, Ethereum.
We invite you to visit and personally meet with us at our company’s headquarters. We regularly organize educational seminars that everyone can attend. Contact us, we look forward to your visit.
Yes, it is, because based on the cryptocurrency market situation, we can guide you with the purchase of the coins that can increase the value of the mined cryptocurrencies.
In case you decide to leave your computer in our care and you want to discontinue your cooperation with us, your computer remains in your possession. Based on your written request, we jointly agree on the personal pickup of the computer, which takes place at our company’s headquarters.

Choose your mining rig now!

Our offer of computer gives everyone the opportunity to find something for themselves, because we can adapt them to the customer’s individual wishes.